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A New Kind of Professional Event: Speed Networking

Short Summary

Professional speed networking has emerged as an innovative professional event format focused on maximising connections in a short time. 

In this blog, we will explore what is speed networking and it’s significance in detail.

Overview of Speed Networking

Speed networking has become one of the most effective ways to rapidly grow your professional speed networking. Done right, it allows you to meet a large number of potential contacts in a short time. Professional speed networking is an efficient approach that reduces pressure while fostering meaningful exchanges. 

Organisers now explore creative twists like games, performances and mobile apps to enhance participation and collaboration. In-person events will remain impactful for building long-term professional networks.

What is Speed Networking?

Speed networking is an innovative and engaging way to rapidly grow your professional network. In just 60 seconds. it's an event where attendees are paired up and given short windows like 3-5 minutes to discuss backgrounds, interests and opportunities. 

A timer then signals them to move on to the next contact. This rotational approach packed with focus helps you expand your career capital through quality connections at a lightning quick pace!   

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How Event Managers make Speed Networking Successful?

While professional speed networking has seen widespread adoption, event organisers are always exploring new variations to make their professional gatherings even more innovative, engaging and impactful. 

Here are some creative formats seen in recent times that event : 

Interactive Games: Ice-breaker games like "speed-dating" style question rounds or tasks that require temporary collaborations enhance networking. 

Live Performances: Short musical, comedy or poetry acts provide entertainment value and encourage mingling in relaxed environs. 

Art Installations: Thought-provoking installations spark conversations beyond traditional networking topics.  

Open-Mic Sessions: Designated slots for 60-second pitches, stories or thoughts promote serendipitous connections.

Roaming Facilitators: Hosts circulating with prompts, tasks or guidance ensure engagement throughout large gatherings.

Mobile Apps: Digital aids capture key details, facilitate matching, feedback and post-event outreach more seamlessly.

Themed Activities: Experiential sessions centered on topics like coding workshops, tasting sessions or art projects foster immersive networking.

Host Successful Speed Networking Events with Dentsu M21

Event management companies like Dentsu M21 are at the top of continuously exploring new variations and formats to make these professional gatherings even more impactful through creative elements. 

As professional speed networking events grow, innovative in-person networking models curated by leaders in the event industry such as Dentsu M21 will remain important to foster meaningful long-term relationships. 

Key advantages of Speed Networking Events

Compared to traditional networking events, professional speed networking events provides several key advantages:

Efficiency: By strictly limiting each interaction to a few minutes, attendees can meet 10-15 or more new people in just one hour. This allows quality conversations without long waits between interactions.

Focus: With a timer counting down, attendees know they need to quickly exchange information like backgrounds, interests and opportunities for future collaboration before the next pairing. This laser focus helps ensure meaningful exchanges. 

Comfort: The short timed interactions take pressure off and make it less daunting to approach strangers. It also allows walking away easily if the pairing is unsuitable without awkward lingering. 

Diversity: By meeting such a variety of attendees in a short time, there is higher chance of finding suitable potential partners, referrals or opportunities compared to sticking to a small inner circle all evening.

Data: Speed networking encourages attendees to quickly capture key details about each contact on notepads such as name, organisation, areas of expertise etc. This acts as a ready reference for followups.

Significance of Speed Networking Events

As professional speed networking becomes increasingly vital, creative offline events will remain important to foster meaningful long-term relationships. With continued experimentation, speed networking and other innovative models will continue to reshape how professionals interact and grow.


1. What is speed networking? 

Speed networking is an innovative professional networking format where attendees are paired up for short 3-5 minute conversations before rotating to the next partner. This allows maximizing connections in a short time span.

2. How many people can you expect to meet at a speed networking event?

With interactions lasting only 3-5 minutes each, you can expect to meet 10-15 or more new professional contacts at a single one hour speed networking event. This is much higher than traditional networking gatherings.

3. What are some tips for making the most of a speed networking event?  

Some tips are to come prepared with an elevator pitch about yourself, ask open questions to learn about others and their work, efficiently exchange contact details, and follow up after the event to maintain connections.

4. How can organisers keep a speed networking event engaging?

Event facilitators help direct pairings, provide prompts or starter questions, collect valuable attendee data and ensure conversations flow smoothly. Background music, interactive elements and scheduled follow-ups also boost engagement.

5. Are there any variations to the traditional speed networking format?

New variations include using interactive games, live performances, thought-provoking installations, open mic sessions and mobile apps to make professional gatherings even more innovative and impactful.