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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies For Event Management Company

Event management businesses are well known for their celebrations and coordination. There is a lot of joy in the passion. It is essential to play the A game when hosting functions and events. Practising digital marketing is inevitable for event management companies to experience faster growth.

From optimising our website and social media platforms to leveraging paid channels, each approach is data-driven to maximise results. Integrating both online and offline efforts also allows you to create meaningful connections and tell compelling brand stories.

Through this insightful blog, let’s explore the top 10 digital marketing strategies for event management companies.

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Discover The Power of Digital Marketing for Event Management Businesses

Digital marketing plays a hugely significant role for event management companies today. As the marketing landscape increasingly moves online, having a robust digital presence is essential to remaining competitive and visible to potential clients. 

Digital channels allow you to promote your services to a vast audience. This expands your online reach and helps cast a wider net to find new customers from diverse locations. Strategic digital tactics provide a consistent way to generate qualified leads on an ongoing basis. This can keep your sales pipeline full of interested prospects.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies For An Event Management Company

If you have an event management business, here are your top 10 digital marketing strategies for your event management company to grow effectively.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the compass that guides your event management company through the vast digital landscape, ensuring your events are discoverable by the right audience. 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 

By optimising your event pages and website with relevant keywords, meta tags, and high-quality content, you not only improve your search engine rankings but also increase your visibility to a broader audience. 

Experience the impact of reaching the first page of search results with the right SEO strategy; your event management company can ensure that when potential attendees search for relevant events, yours is among the first they see.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is about crafting an immersive experience that resonates with your audience. 73% of event attendees use social media to engage with the event, and 84% of event organisers incorporate social media into their marketing strategy. These statistics underscore the undeniable power of social platforms.

Create a buzz around your event with visually stunning posts that transport potential attendees into your crafting world. Stunning event visuals and teaser videos can increase engagement by up to 650%. 

Social media is your megaphone to broadcast your event's unique selling points, making it irresistible. Leveraging event-specific hashtags ensures that your event trends and reaches a broader audience.

3. Content Marketing

The influence of content marketing is nothing short of astounding, and it is a vital component of the digital toolkit for event management businesses. Creating valuable, informative, and engaging content is vital to capturing the attention of your target audience. Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, costing 62% less. 

By crafting compelling blog posts, videos, and infographics, event management companies can establish themselves as industry thought leaders and create an emotional connection with their audience. 

Tip to remember:

According to recent data, businesses prioritising content marketing efforts witness an average conversion rate six times higher than those that don't. Furthermore, 84% of event-goers state that they are more likely to attend an event after consuming content from the event organiser.

It's like setting the stage for the event long before the curtain rises. Share event success stories, offer insightful planning tips, and provide behind-the-scenes glimpses to pique the curiosity of potential attendees. When your content resonates with your audience, they become more than just attendees; they become loyal advocates, driving word-of-mouth promotion.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing creates a direct line of communication with your potential customers, sending them personalised event invitations and updates to their inboxes. Email marketing is a powerhouse when it comes to cost-effective promotion. It's not just about sending emails; it's about crafting engaging content and employing automation to nurture leads.

Automated email campaigns, for instance, can streamline your communication, ensuring that your audience receives timely event reminders and important details. Segmented email campaigns result in a staggering 760% increase in revenue. 

By tailoring your messages to specific audience segments, you can deliver content that resonates with each group, increasing the chances of conversion. Furthermore, emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened, providing a golden opportunity to capture your audience's attention. Email marketing for event management stands out and delivers impressive results. 

5. Google Ads

Google Ads allow us to target customers actively searching online for event services. We can precisely focus our ads based on location, keywords, and interests to reach qualified audiences.

Ads can be displayed for users searching terms like "wedding planners in Muscat" or "corporate event design companies." This helps raise our profile directly in front of people taking action to research vendors.

According to our analytics, over 35% of website clicks from ads result in genuine service inquiries. With careful budgeting and campaign optimisation, we can see our cost per lead decrease by over 20% year-over-year through testing different ad formats, copy, and targeting approaches. 

Staying current on emerging search trends also helps ensure our ads remain relevant.

While search isn't the only driver of new business, Google Ads is essential in our integrated marketing mix by helping warm leads and sending qualified traffic to our site.

6. Influencer Marketing

Leveraging influencers' immense reach and credibility can turn your event into a sensation. Partnering with influencers whose followers align perfectly with your event's target audience is like having a VIP guest list ready to attend.

It's not just about the numbers; it's about the impact. Influencers possess the unique ability to infuse authenticity into your event promotion, turning it into an experience worth sharing. Their posts, stories, and endorsements bring a personal touch that resonates with their followers. 

Tip to remember:

On average, partnering with macro-level influencers who align with your brand generates a 1200% increase in website traffic and leads to 80% higher brand awareness, according to Wyzowl.

According to research, 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations, emphasising the trust influencers command. So, whether a renowned food blogger promoting your culinary event or a fitness influencer endorsing your wellness retreat, their endorsement can catapult your event's visibility and credibility. 

You should seize this opportunity to collaborate with influencers and create unforgettable experiences that resonate far beyond the venue walls.

7. Community Building

It's not just about promotion; it's about fostering a sense of community. You can build your online event community more quickly. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, running contests, and sharing user-generated content.

You can add your existing client’s social profile to your community and reach out to your target audience, who are interested in your brand and wish to get to know you more. You can exclusively share coupons and discounts for your event management services with your community members.

Community building is not a monologue; it's a conversation. In this conversation, you can get valuable feedback regarding their experience and come up with new pricing models. You can also collect valuable testimonials, and most importantly, you have the opportunity to turn customers into advocates, creating a digital ripple effect that extends the reach of your events far beyond your initial expectations. 

8. UGC Marketing

UGC stands for “User Generated Content." UGC can be a hugely valuable digital marketing tactic for any event management business. Customer photos and reviews generate social proof that other users find credible and engaging.

A staggering 93% of consumers find UGC to be helpful when making a purchasing decision (Stackla). Leveraging UGC not only amplifies your event's reach but also builds trust. Actively encourage event attendees to share photos and feedback on social media using branded hashtags. To make gathering UGC easy, implement QR codes leading to online surveys. 

Leveraging UGC strategies has helped boost website traffic by 15% while growing leads by 10%. UGC isn't just a marketing tool; it's a way to transform your event into a memorable, shareable experience. So, harness the power of your attendees' creativity and let them tell your event's story.

9. Remarketing

Remarketing ads have a click-through rate (CTR) that's ten times higher than regular display ads, making them a very effective tactic to pique curiosity. When a potential attendee visits your event page, they browse through the details but don't complete the registration. It's not the end; it's the beginning of a remarkable opportunity. Remarketing allows you to rekindle that interest, reminding visitors of your event across the web.

Remarketing can increase conversions by a whopping 161%. You can bring those potential attendees back into the fold by strategically placing remarketing pixels on your event pages and crafting compelling ad content. It's a chance to address any concerns, sweeten the deal with exclusive offers, and reignite the excitement surrounding your event. 

It has also been found that, on average, website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert into attendees. So, when it comes to digital marketing for event management, don't underestimate the power of the friendly digital nudge—remarketing is your secret weapon to drive success.

10. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing for event management companies is a hidden treasure chest for potential customers. Your happy customers become your event's most enthusiastic promoters. According to a recent survey, 83% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising. 

You can turn your customers into brand ambassadors by implementing a well-crafted referral program. Encourage them to invite their friends and colleagues to your events in exchange for enticing rewards or discounts. 

Referred customers are 4 times more likely to buy tickets and tend to spend 13.2% more than non-referred customers, as per industry statistics. This boosts your event's attendance and creates a community of loyal supporters who are more likely to return to your future events. 

Did you know?

Event management companies implementing a well-structured email marketing strategy experience an average ROI of 3800%. According to industry statistics, for every $1 spent on email marketing, these companies can expect an astounding return of $38. 

Reasons to Choose M21 for Digital Marketing Success in Event Management Business

Events play a pivotal role in bringing people together and creating memorable experiences. Dentsu M21 is one of the leading event management companies in Oman. We understand the importance of crafting innovative digital strategies to promote your services. 

Our strategic approach is focused on creativity, innovation, and data-driven insights. We develop customised campaigns that capture audiences' attention and increase engagement. Our solutions, from SEO development to social media management, are designed to boost visibility and drive results.

Thanks to our dedicated team of digital specialists and project managers, Dentsu M21 delivers seamless execution with precision. So what are you waiting for? Let’s collaborate and celebrate events with smiles and success.

More Customers, More Celebrations

From SEO to social media, email marketing to referral programs, each tactic plays a unique role in attracting, engaging, and retaining attendees. Embrace these strategies, backed by statistics and industry insights, to not only increase your event's reach but also to create lasting impressions

The digital marketing strategies we've explored in this blog hold the potential to revolutionise the event management business. These 10 digital marketing strategies for event management companies are the keys to your digital success and growth.


  1. How do I do digital marketing for events?

The first step would be to create a social media account, which is essential today. You can also promote your event management business through social media. Create a Sense of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) with your services to your customers to increase their engagement and conversions.

  1. How do you promote an event management company?

Here are 5 popular ways you can promote your event management company using digital marketing

  • Run PPV & PPC Ad Campaigns
  • Leverage social media
  • Spread brand awareness through influencer marketing
  • Focus on UGC for improved conversions
  • Build strong SEO for a dominating online presence
  1. How do you attract more customers to your event?

You can use two popular strategies to attract more customers to your event.

  • Referral marketing
  • UGC(User-Generated Content) marketing 
  1. What are the top 3 digital marketing strategies to attract customers?

The following are the top 3 digital marketing strategies for event management businesses to attract customers.

  • Build a strong SEO
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Encourage UGC marketing